Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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The Original 'No Subscription' Guitar Course for Beginners

Experience the Satisfaction of Mastering the Guitar in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

Over 200,000 people have learned guitar at their own pace with Jamorama and saved thousands in the process

Dear Guitar Student,
Imagine being able to really play the guitar.

Imagine the thrill you would get as you watched your guitar skills getting better and better, every week.

Imagine the joy you would feel from playing along with your friends, or the excitement of playing all your favorite songs.
Imagine the delight on your kids faces as you surprise them with the songs they love.
Just imagine what it would be like if you had the ability to truly express yourself through your guitar; the ability to share your joy of music with the world.
With Jamorama you can. And best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home while saving thousands of dollars in tuition fees or subscription services.
If you are interested in comprehensively learning to play guitar at home, saving thousands in tutor fees, then this is the perfect resource for you!
Over the last few years we have developed the worlds best online guitar lessons all while making it more affordable for the average guitar beginner just like you.
Now you can master the guitar in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price you'd pay a tutor or subscription site.

What Will Jamorama Do For You?

Master The Guitar in The Comfort of Your Own Home

With Jamorama you get all your guitar lessons on your computer in our easy to use digital book format so you can master the guitar without leaving home.
Our lessons download to your computer in seconds so you can start learning to master the guitar immediately. Even if it's 3am.
Every one of our lessons comes with high quality video lessons and professionally recorded jam tracks that get you playing along with REAL music on your own computer speakers. You get to feel what it's like to play along with REAL musicians.
With Jamorama you can relax about taking your lessons because you never have to leave the comfort of your den. (Just make sure you come out once in a while, or people may wonder what happened to you).

Maximize Your Time With Step-By-Step Lessons
Having a learning plan is absolutely necessary if you want your learning time to be effective and efficient. Without it you will find yourself wading through piles and piles of information, both good and bad, wasting hours and hours of valuable learning time.

With Jamorama you know where you are headed and how you are going to get there, so it's not a problem when you need to end your learning session, because you can come back to it at any time and resume where you left off. It is especially important when time is short and you can only spare a few minutes each day - that's when you need the focus that Jamorama gives you.

If you have 15 minutes a day, you CAN learn guitar with Jamorama.

Impress your friends with tricky guitar skills

Who doesn't want to sound impressive on guitar?
The Jamorama course covers all of the major impressive guitar techniques that will make you the life of the party.
•Alternate Picking
•Finger Picking
•Palm Muting
•And More...

Our easy to follow, step-by-step approach makes learning and mastering these skills easy.

Learn Songs Just by Listening to Them

There are probably hundreds of songs that you want to learn how to play on guitar, and you're probably using ineffective methods of learning how to play them without even knowing it!

Jamorama solves this problem with it's unique ear training system.

Our ear training lessons and software quickly teach your ear to recognize familiar chords and progressions so you can start playing them instantly.

This is an amazing skill to have. Think about all the possibilities to impress people with your talent for hearing and then playing songs.

Play Along With Other Musicians With Ease

There's nothing like being able to play music with your buddies; having the freedom to just jam out for hours on your favorite riffs.
With Jamorama you get step-by-step lessons on how to play along with other musicians or songs on the radio.
Best of all, you get to put all your learning into practice with our professionally recorded JamTracks. With our JamTracks you learn how to jam in the privacy of your own home so you'll be totally ready to rock when it comes to doing it for real with real musicians.

Strength And Agility to Play Whatever You Want

Isn't it frustrating, when you can hear what you want to play but your fingers just don't want to cooperate.
With Jamorama we give you specific lessons and exercises to help you overcome this problem.
Our targeted strength and agility exercises develop your fingers to eliminate the strain of playing difficult chords and the clumsiness of playing single strings.
Jamorama's targeted agility and strength building lessons build your coordination and quickly get you playing the things you want.

The Knowledge to Make Your Guitar Sound Great

If you want to sound great on your guitar you need to know a thing or two about how to set it up and maintain it.
Jamorama gives you all the necessary knowledge you need to do this and enough extra 'know how' to talk shop with the guys at your local music store and come off looking like you know your stuff.
After using Jamorama you'll be able to confidently:
•Tune your guitar
•Clean your guitar
•Change your strings
•Check your guitars intonation
•Protect your guitar from moisture and heat
•Buy a new guitar to suit your style of playing
•Discuss your guitar set up with your local music store
•Select new parts for your guitar to improve its sound

Join a Community of Like-Minded Individuals

With Jamorama you get the benefit of being part of a massive online community of guitar students and teachers.
Our forum is the place for all of those nagging little guitar questions you have that have gone unanswered.
Our qualified guitar teachers participate in forum discussions every day so you know the advice you are receiving is absolutely solid.

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